March, 2006

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Looking For a Fiber Optic Installer? Use the FOA Installer Database Free!
CFOTs - Register Now On The FOA Searchable Database of Installers, Contractors and Consultants
Go to the FOA Installer Database to register.

FOA Offers FTTx Certification
The FOA, working with operating companies, municipalities, installers and our approved schools has developed requirements for FTTx training and certification, with the goal of providing enough qualified FTTx installation technicians to make these plans possible. Read more.

FOA Helps CFOTs Find FTTP Jobs @ Verizon
The FOA has been working with Verizon to help recruit qualified fiber installers, including new graduates of FOA-Approved training programs. As you probably FTTP has become one of the hottest areas in fiber optics. Verizon asked The FOA to help them in their recruitment efforts, through our FOA-Approved schools and contacting our current CFOTs. In the first two months of 2006, Verizon hired 100 techs and expects to hire 800 in 2006!
Details on the Verizon requirements are given below and you can apply online.
Even if you are not looking for a job, look at the Verizon website - there are some great videos of FTTH installs around the country!

FTTP/H Continues To Generate Excitement-And Business!
With major carriers, municipalities, and independent groups all starting FTTP/H projects, the news continues to encourage The FOA that a real boom era (not like the fake one last time) is coming. New components and architectures are being developed, new services being defined.
But one item may be the most important - including FTTP/H in building law for a community. The city of Loma Linda, California, has successfully deployed FTTP as a municipal service, but, and perhaps most important for the fiber optic future, has included FTTP/H as a requirement in buil.ding codes for new developments. You can read about Loma Linda on their website.

Learn More About Loma Linda and FTTH/P At the Loma Linda Workshop sponsored by Broadband Properties Magazine.
Loma Linda, CA has specified FTTP in their building code!
Learn more about The Loma Linda Standard from James Hettrick, Director of Information Systems, Models and Types of Deployments in Today's FTTP Communities, Applications Beyond the Triple Play That Will Require FTTP, Legal Challenges: Overcoming The Barriers to Fiber-To-The-Home, Significance of Right of Way Management and Financing Options for Fiber-To-The-Home.
The Loma Linda Workshop is being held April 6-7, 2006 in Loma Linda, CA.
Mention your FOA affiliation and you get special deal!

New: FOA Logo Merchandise
FOA has arranged with EmbroidMe to provide FOA logo merchandies. Identify yourself as a FOA-certified tech or instructor. The lab coats are super impressive for either cabling techs and instructors. Check out the selection.

IGI Offers "Dark Fiber" Locator Service
IGI Consulting, working with Amesbury Consulting, a fiber mapping and consulting service, is offering a new service to locate "dark fiber" in any city in the US. The service is aimed at carriers, real estate developers, medical facilities, banks, educational institutions and others looking for interconnections in a metro area. For more information, see the IGI website.

Verizon Looking For Fiber Installers

Here is the information from Verizon. Contact them at the website below for applications.


Video/Cable/Fiber Installers

US-MD-Silver Spring/Gaithersburg
US-MD-Capitol Heights/District Heights
US-VA-Fairfax/Falls Church/Reston


Have a desire to work in a growing industry with the leader in Fiber to the Premises technology?

Have a background in the Video/Cable Installation industry (cable splicers/installers)?

Want a Full Time opportunity to grow in a company that values diversity and a desire to succeed?

If so, Verizon is having an invitation only information session on February 11th to provide information and qualify candidates for the over 100 positions currently available in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Basic Qualifications:

Must have Video/Cable splicing/installation industry experience, basic computer literacy, and/or an equivalent education in Fiber Optics and Video/Cable.
Must successfully complete Verizon's pre-employment testing. Physical Requirements: Must meet Verizon medical standards for the job. Ability to perceive differences in wire and cable colors. Must meet weight restriction to comply with OSHA/Company safety standards. Where a Commercial Driver's License is required, the applicant must pass an alcohol and drug test.
Must have ability to remove ladder from installation truck; carry, raise, climb and descend ladder, and place ladder on truck.
A valid state driver's license is required and must have ability to drive vehicle with manual gearshift.
Background check will be conducted on all employees.

This is a Full-Time, regular position with outstanding benefits! The pay range for these positions is $569.50/week to $1,103.50/week. Wage credit may be considered based upon work experience, education, and training. Paid Training is included.

Apply online at

Verizon is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity M/F/D/V

Job Openings
Senior Process Engineer, Fiberguide Industries, Inc.
Reports To: Director of Research and Engineering
Assist in the development, improvement and implementation of manufacturing procedures and facilities.
Develop written S.O.P.s used in the manufacturing and testing of specialty optical fibers, including metalized fibers.
Design and implement improvements to all production processes and assume responsibility for the technical guidance on all production
Formulate training procedures and maintain written records for operator status and progress, Train personnel in S.O.P.s, use of related production equipment and in fiber manufacturing techniques.
Provide liaison and support, as necessary, to production in the research and development of new fibers and fiber products.
Prepare for full scale production capabilities, based on new/revised production specs.
Operate fiber drawing towers, assist in testing, as necessary.
Salary Status: Exempt
Salary: Open
Mr. Joseph Pagano
Fiberguide Industries, Inc.
1 Bay Street
Stirling, NJ 07980
Fax No: (908) 647-6601
E-mail: <>
Check Recent Job Openings

Neat Solution To Patchcord Mess
Telescent has a unique solution to patchcord messes - cassette patchcords. They use a unique solution to storing cables with minimal stress. More info at


Order The   Fiber Optics Technician's Manual directly from

Third edition of The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual Now Available!
About 15% bigger, with new or updated material on most chapter subjects, including more "hands-on information, but the price remains the same, $54.95. ISBN No. 1401896995
FOTM Lab Manual is available from Delmar (ISBN:1418028754, Price: $19.95) with tons of hands on exercises.
An Instructor's Guide to the FOTM is also available from Delmar. (ISBN: 1401897002, Price: $33.95 )

For information on the Lab Manual or Instructors Guide, contact Delmar directly at 1-800-347-7707 for further information.
Remember the CFOT Test now uses the new edition, along with the new NECA/FOA-301 Installation Standard.
Another very useful book: Eric Pearson's Successful Fiber Optic Installation - a cookbook for fiber optics!

New PowerPoint Presentation In Spanish
A new PowerPoint presentation in Spanish for instructors and anyone else interested has been posted on the FOA website for free downloading. It is an explanation of fiber optics in Spanish, created by Francisco Castro Cabrera of Mexico City, who is starting up our new FOA chapter in Mexico. It is complementary to our PowerPoint introduction to fiber optics in English. Here is more information on the presentation in Spanish.


FOA CFOT Renewals Get Free Copy of NECA/FOA Installation Standard
Every CFOT renewal will now receive a free copy of NECA 301-2004, Installing And Testing Fiber Optic Cables, produced by The FOA in cooperation with NECA (The National Electrical Contractors Association). This is an important reference document for defining the installation and testing of fiber optic cable plants in a "neat and workmanlike manner."
The FOA feels this is such an important document that we are giving a free copy (normally priced at $15) to every active CFOT when they renew their active status.
The FOA has also sent free copies to all FOA-Approved schools. The new FOA CFOT exam to be used after August, 2005, will include questions from the standard. Schools should be including information from the standard in their classes already.

Tech Puzzler
How was the SMA connector polished?
Answer below

New Tech Topics

Does Glass "Flow"? Is it really a liquid?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on General Topics and Testing

Fiber Or Copper? Making decisions, overview and LANs

What Happens When You Mate Mismatched MM Fibers?

New PowerPoint Presentation Introduces Fiber Optics - in English or Spanish!
The FOA has created a short PowerPoint presentation that introduces you to fiber optics and talks about job opportunities in the field. It was intended for instructors to introdcue studnets to the field, but it's a good introduction for anyone. It's about 3 meg file so it takes a while to download and you need PowerPoint to view it. See

FOA Website Expands To Support Fiber Optic Educators

Instructors' Home Page And New Online Train-The-Trainer Program
The FOA has always focused on creating better educational opportunities in fiber optics - it's our charter: we're a non-profit educational organization. We've done two things recently to expand that commitment - both here on the FOA website.

We have over 120 schools and hundreds of instructors teaching at those organizations, and we'll notify them about these new web pages, but we invite any instructor interested in fiber optics to dig in and use these pages too.

First, we've created a home page for instructors where we'll cover topics just for them, like our TTT program and resources just for instructors. It's at

Secondly, we've put our TTT seminar online, in both PPT and PDF format at

Our online TTT program is the beginning of qualifying for the FOA CFOS/I Instructor Certification. Soon we'll have the program set up for instructors to register to begin qualifying for the certification.

FOA Certification Top Choice

The FOA CFOT and CFOS programs continue to gain momentum in fiber optics. Over 15,000 CFOTs have been certified by over 120 schools as the FOA completed its 10th year. Since our founding in July, 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting fiber optics and professionalism in fiber optics personnel, focusing on education and certification. We are continuing to add new schools and more CFOTs as users of fiber optics learn that a CFOT is the indication of a professional, well-trained fiber optic technician. Now with FTTH (fiber to the home) finally taking off, demand for CFOTs is rising and schools are responding by expanding programs rapidly.
The FOA now has approved programs at 125+ organizations, welcoming new additions like the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Corning Cable Systems for their installation training programs and NASA's Goldstone Tracking Station. The complete list of FOA-Approved schools is at



Your Name, CFOT - It pays to advertise!

The FOA encourages CFOTs to use the logo on their business cards, letterhead, truck or van, etc. and provides logo files on this site for that purpose. But we are also asked about how to use the CFOT or CFOS certifications. Easy, you can refer to yourself as "Your Name, CFOT" or "Your Name, CFOS/T" for example.

Feel free to use the logo and designations to promote your achievements and professionalism!

Remember To Renew Your Certification !

Remember to renew your FOA certification. All current CFOTs have a ID Card with their certification data and we keep a database of current CFOTs to answer inquiries regarding your qualifications if needed. If you forgot to renew, use the online application form or the FOA online store to renew NOW!


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Tech Puzzler: The SMA was a non-keyed connector, so the fiber ends of the ferrules could not touch or the rotation could cause scratching. The connectors were polished on a flat plate and to a tightly-specified length that would get the ferrules close but not touching. the air gap meant that reflectance was high and precluded SMAs ever getting low loss. The reflectance loss alone was about 0.3 dB See Tech Topics Connector Identifier for more info.