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Complete School & Instructor Procedures

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Lab Manual Created For NSF Program circa 2000 (PDF) (DOC)

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School Update

Student Notes and Lab Manuals Available Printed

CFOT class notes  CFOT Lab Manual

FOA has published the Class Notes (printed PPT slides with notes) and Student Lab Manuals for CFOT classes through our publisher CreateSpace. We can publish these cheaper than you can probably print them on a laser printer. Contact the FOA for more details and your discount code for ordering.

FOA has made some changes in certifications. AFOT and CFospT are  phased out. CFospT is being replaced by the CFOS/O specialist certification. Contact the FOA or see the information on the school download site for more information.

School Information
1) FOA requires you to
update your profile each new year. If you have not done it yet, it takes only a few minutes to do it online using the link at the top of the left column.
2) Curriculum materials are being updated continuously. You should download the curriculum for the certifications you now teach classes for and use them immediately. As usual, changes are made to update the material to represent the changes in technologies and practices.

3) On the CFOT exam, loss budgets will be the subject of several new questions. Now is the time to add a short lecture and example of loss budgets to your CFOT classes. More on loss budgets is here:  You should take the new exams ASAP to see the changes!
4) The School/Instructor download site password changes occasionally. You may need to contact the FOA for the new password and we will confirm you have provided us with the updated information on your school before we give it to you. See #1 above!

We encourage you to do more online or electronically. The FOA Online Reference Guide and Fiber U have self-study programs you can use in your classes. FOA's YouTube channel has over 80 lectures and hands-on videos you can use in class - we can provide these on disk if you don't have Internet access in class. You can get a self-study/homework version of the FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics textbook for $10 from Apple as an iOS app that has some neat interactive bits that could easily be incorporated into a class if everybody has a iPad or MAC.  We have also added a loss budget app for the iPad/iPhone.
Pay Your Student Fees Online
The FOA now has an eCommerce site set up to allow CFOTs to renew their certifications. We have added to the eCommerce site the option for schools to pay their student certification fees online with a credit card and send us the applications by email, fax or mail. Detailed instructions are at

RENEW YOUR SCHOOL EACH YEAR OR UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION-ONLINE: Do you have changes in personnel, addresses, web sites, etc.?
You can now renew your school online or update our records for any changes in personnel or contact information
using the link at the top of the left column.
This year, we especially want to know what classes you teach and where you teach them because we have a new map locator for schools and a sortable table of schools and certification classes offered. We also now have a web page for every school. This should be a major marketing move for your school so get that info back to us ASAP. We need your information to update our web pages!

Reference Books for FOA Certifications
FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics book  FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cablng book  FOA Reference Guide to OSP Fiber Optics book

We have three FOA books to be used in training for FOA certifications and as reference books for contractors, installers and end users of fiber optics.

These books have full curriculum support, including free curriculum materials for teaching FOA certification courses.

Because we are self-publishing these books using more modern "publish on demand" technology, they are easier to keep up to date, easier to buy and much, MUCH cheaper!

Details on the new book each of the new books are at the book pages linked to the photos above.

FOA schools can purchase the new books at a big 40% discount - from the already low prices!
Directions on the school download page.

Expand Your Markets For Training - Add Specialist Courses

FOA offers more certifications that expand a school's potential market. For example, we now have 3 first level certifications, the basic CFOT, the outside plant CFOS/O and the premises cabling CPCT. If you have been teaching only for the CFOT, consider adding a couple of days to your CFOT course to  also offer students a CPCT or CFOS/O. Or use those days for specialist training in Design, Splicing, Termination or Testing.

Some FOA Approved schools are already offering splicing termination and testing courses. Testing focuses on OTDRs or CD/PMD/SA for long distance. Termination can cover prepolished/splice connectors or singlemode termination. Splicing usually includes single fiber and ribbon fusion splicing.
Offering more certifications allows you to bring students back for more training. And if you need help in starting the course, FOA offers curriculum to get you started and many manufacturers are willing to help too!
Read the complete new course descriptions and information on how trainers can teach CFOS courses.


You Must Get The CFOS/I And Certs You Teach

FOA is now recognized around the world as a leader in the field of fiber optics and we are growing our family of FOA Approved Schools. As we grow, it is clear that our fiber optic instructors are one of the most important “links in the chain”.  Each one represents the FOA in their school and community and brings many new certified students to the FOA each year.
We have required that all FOA instructors be certified as instructors. We have made it simple for instructors to take this exam.  Remember, there is no charge and you take it online at your convenience.  
Here is a link to more details:
Send an email to info@thefoa when you are ready to take the exam

The CFOS/I Instructor Certification exam has been updated in 2012 to include new operational and administrative information. Online study guides and online testing  simplify the process for all new instructors. 

Do You Have The Certifications You Are Teaching?
Our second requirement is that instructors must take the exam for each certification that you are giving, ie: AFOT, CFxT, etc.  You must take this exam online from the FOA.  We are going to start checking to make sure that the instructor are certified in each speciality they teach and non-compliance can hold up the processing of your student applications.
You must take the online version of the exam directly from the FOA.  Here is the link to the application to send in the the FOA when you are ready to take the online version of the exam you plan to give to your students:

Here is information on FOA Instructor Certification.

Updated Complete School & Instructor Procedures
We've updated the school procedures to include changes in how we distribute our materials to FOA-Approved schools. It's all done online. Please read this and make certain all instructors and school administrators working with the FOA understand the procedures!
Need Equipment or Supplies?
Here is a list of resources for tools, used equipment and supplies, just for instructors. Identify yourself to them and get special pricing! 




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