September, 2005

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Third edition of The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual Now Available!
About 15% bigger, with new or updated material on most chapter subjects, including more "hands-on information, but the price remains the same, $54.95. ISBN No. 1401896995
FOTM Lab Manual is available from Delmar (ISBN:1418028754, Price: $19.95) with tons of hands on exercises.
An Instructor's Guide to the FOTM is also available from Delmar. (ISBN: 1401897002, Price: $33.95 )

For information on the Lab Manual or Instructors Guide, contact Delmar directly at 1-800-347-7707 for further information.
Remember the CFOT Test will use the new edition, along with the new NECA/FOA-301 Installation Standard.

Fiber Growth Resumes, But Different
KMI Research has issued this year's fiber optic forecast for fiber and cable, predicting a return to growth in the fiber optic market, but at the same time several differences. Unlike the past where the market was strong in backbone cables with their high fiber counts, today's market is strong in drop cables for FTTH which have few cables. For fiber manufacturers, that means less fiber sold but more cable at higher prices per length of cable. For FOA CFOTs, that means a lot more cables to install, which means more jobs.
Other items of note in the KMI report:
50/125 fiber sales should surpass 62.5/125 fiber in sales in 2006, fully expected in light of the move to high bit-rate backbones in LANs.
Low water peak SM fiber use grows to cover WDM applications.
US use of SM fiber is only 27% of the world's consumption (2004), although it is expected to grow to 37% in the next 5 years.
Asia accounted for 56% of all SM installations in 2004.

FOA To Exhibit At FTTH Council Show
The FOA will exhibit at the 2005 FTTH Council's Conference & Expo October 3-5 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV, where we may be ready to discuss a new FOA FTTH certification program.
The 2005 NECA Show in New Orleans has been cancelled. More details are on the NECA Show website. Please support the people of New Orleans as they try to cope with their tragedy.
Links To Useful Manufacturer's Websites
Calculate Loss Budgets, Conduit Fill Online
Corning offers two online calculators on their website, where you can calculate loss budgets or conduit fill using your own data. Very convenient. See and remember to count the connectors on the ends of the cable plant!
Stripping Fiber Optic Cable.
Berk-Tek has several ap notes on stripping cables on their website as PDF files. The list of all Berk-Tek ap notes is at

New PowerPoint Presentation In Spanish
A new PowerPoint presentation in Spanish for instructors and anyone else interested has been posted on the FOA website for free downloading. It is an explanation of fiber optics in Spanish, created by Francisco Castro Cabrera of Mexico City, who is starting up our new FOA chapter in Mexico. It is complementary to our PowerPoint introduction to fiber optics in English. Here is more information on the presentation in Spanish.

"We've been waiting for this" department: 3M Introduces Hot Melt LC Connector
The LC connector has become the de facto standard for high speed fiber optic links, but until now, installers were limited to adhesive (epoxy or anaerobic) or prepolished/splice versions. 3M is now offering a Hot Melt version of the LC, which of course, offers all the advantages of a Hot Melt connector (fast termination, high performance and the "second chance" where you can reheat it and try polishing again if you just pull the fiber back a couple of mm before the adhesive cools and sets.) More information is available from 3M website ( or 800-426-8688.
PS: note how much this duplex version - actually 2 coupled simplex connectors - looks like the FOA proposal for a standard connector!


FOA CFOT Renewals Get Free Copy of NECA/FOA Installation Standard
Every CFOT will now receive a free copy of NECA 301-2004, Installing And Testing Fiber Optic Cables, produced by The FOA in cooperation with NECA (The National Electrical Contractors Association). This is an important reference document for defining the installation and testing of fiber optic cable plants in a "neat and workmanlike manner."
The FOA feels this is such an important document that we are giving a free copy (normally priced at $15) to every active CFOT when they renew their active status.
The FOA has also sent free copies to all FOA-Approved schools. The new FOA CFOT exam to be used after August, 2005, will include questions from the standard. Schools should be including information from the standard in their classes already.

Job Openings:
Artel Video Systems
Newfound Technology has an immediate opening for a product line manager for its Artel Video Systems division. Reporting directly to the President the Artel product line manager will be responsible for all aspects of the Artel's business. The PLM will manage all Artel products from definition of the front-end customer requirements; leading the engineering team and contractors through development and product realization. In addition, the PLM will manage and direct the sales and marketing team. The position requires strong leadership, a high degree of technical competence, business skills and project management experience. Artel Video Systems has been a leading provider of uncompressed video transport over fiber optics since 1981.
If interested in applying please send resume with salary requirements to <>
ADC is currently seeking a Product Specialist for fiber optic cable and related ancillary products to support the sale of leading edge fiber optic cables in a wide array of applications. Position is located in Vermont. Responsibilities include support of the Product Manager- Fiber Optic Cable, in the definition, direction, profitability, and market share goals of the products over its entire life cycle. The Product Specialist will assist in the preparation and implementation of the annual budget. The Product Specialist also plays a key role as a member of the product development team through the establishment of the product road map, development of product requirements, management of changes to the requirements and the establishment of development and customer support project priorities. In addition, the Product Specialist will be responsible for assisting with training of ADC sales and external customers on the fiber cable products offered by ADC. The Product Specialist will be expected to exercise good judgment by operating within broadly defined guidelines to complete tasks consistent with obtaining product line results and support of the day-to-day operations of the business.
ADC is a world leader in providing global network infrastructure products, services and software that enable the profitable delivery of high-speed Internet, data, video, and voice services over our customers' unique networks. ADC (NASDAQ:ADCT) has sales into more than 90 countries.
All replies must be submitted through the ADC careers website. Search for job opening "02592" at
Diamond USA is looking for a Mobile Fiber Optic Service Manager. Are you looking for a challenge in the Fiber Optic and Premises Network Markets? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur within a company? Are you a "hands -on" type of person in the field? Diamond USA is looking for a candidate that has proven field fiber optic technician experience, strong industry knowledge, excellent customer interaction skills, the ability to manage multiple jobs and assignments and train employees and customers. The position will include field support of installers and designers, certification of installers, diagnostic and restoration of fiber optic data networks, and provide field and market expertise to sales team. RCDD is a plus. Pre-employment drug screening and MVR required. We offer competitive salary with benefits, 401K.
Please submit resume with salary requirements to:
Diamond USA, Human Resources
27    Industrial Ave.
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Fax: 978-256-6544 E-mail:
See previous newsletter issues for earlier job listings.

Tech Puzzler
What connectors can be mated to a ST?
Answer below

New Tech Topics

Does Glass "Flow"? Is it really a liquid?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on General Topics and Testing

Fiber Or Copper? Making decisions, overview and LANs

What Happens When You Mate Mismatched MM Fibers?

New PowerPoint Presentation Introduces Fiber Optics - in English or Spanish!
The FOA has created a short PowerPoint presentation that introduces you to fiber optics and talks about job opportunities in the field. It was intended for instructors to introdcue studnets to the field, but it's a good introduction for anyone. It's about 3 meg file so it takes a while to download and you need PowerPoint to view it. See

FOA Website Expands To Support Fiber Optic Educators

Instructors' Home Page And New Online Train-The-Trainer Program
The FOA has always focused on creating better educational opportunities in fiber optics - it's our charter: we're a non-profit educational organization. We've done two things recently to expand that commitment - both here on the FOA website.

We have over 120 schools and hundreds of instructors teaching at those organizations, and we'll notify them about these new web pages, but we invite any instructor interested in fiber optics to dig in and use these pages too.

First, we've created a home page for instructors where we'll cover topics just for them, like our TTT program and resources just for instructors. It's at

Secondly, we've put our TTT seminar online, in both PPT and PDF format at

Our online TTT program is the beginning of qualifying for the FOA CFOS/I Instructor Certification. Soon we'll have the program set up for instructors to register to begin qualifying for the certification.

FOA Certification Top Choice

The FOA CFOT and CFOS programs continue to gain momentum in fiber optics. Over 15,000 CFOTs have been certified by over 120 schools as the FOA completed its 10th year. Since our founding in July, 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting fiber optics and professionalism in fiber optics personnel, focusing on education and certification. We are continuing to add new schools and more CFOTs as users of fiber optics learn that a CFOT is the indication of a professional, well-trained fiber optic technician. Now with FTTH (fiber to the home) finally taking off, demand for CFOTs is rising and schools are responding by expanding programs rapidly.
The FOA now has approved programs at 125+ organizations, welcoming new additions like the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Corning Cable Systems for their installation training programs and NASA's Goldstone Tracking Station. The complete list of FOA-Approved schools is at



Your Name, CFOT - It pays to advertise!

The FOA encourages CFOTs to use the logo on their business cards, letterhead, truck or van, etc. and provides logo files on this site for that purpose. But we are also asked about how to use the CFOT or CFOS certifications. Easy, you can refer to yourself as "Your Name, CFOT" or "Your Name, CFOS/T" for example.

Feel free to use the logo and designations to promote your achievements and professionalism!

Remember To Renew Your Certification !

Remember to renew your FOA certification. All current CFOTs have a ID Card with their certification data and we keep a database of current CFOTs to answer inquiries regarding your qualifications if needed. If you forgot to renew, use the online application form or the FOA online store to renew NOW!

Want To Get FOA Email?
We have been asked if we could send the FOA newsletter by email or post it on the website. We are looking into that and will definitely get one started soon. When you renew your certification, you will be asked if you are interested in email newsletters and if so, you will be asked to give your email address for us to use in a mailing list. If you want to get started now, send an email to with the subject "eMail List"
Note that The FOA never releases its mailing lists for any use! Your data is always safe with us.

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