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Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.9: -The Essentials For Success
Eric Pearson
ISBN-10: 1500792233
ISBN-13: 978-1500792237
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Eric Pearson
Pearson Technologies Inc.
Tel: 770-490-9991
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This is a text for use in training in and field installation of fiber optic cable systems. It presents procedures for successful installation, inspection, and testing of cables, connectors, and splices. The principles and procedures are applicable to all data, telephone, CATV, CCTV, and process control systems.

The author developed and refined these procedures from 36 years of experience in fiber optic communications. This experience includes fieldwork and training more than 8700 people. This experience includes the following repetitions: installing and supervising more than: 48,500 connectors, 25,000 splices, 28,000 insertion loss tests, and making and reviewing 25,000 OTDR traces. The detailed and extensively illustrated installation procedures are presented in a clear, concise, step-by-step, cookbook like, manner.

Each procedure includes a troubleshooting section to assist the installer in solving problems. Finally, each procedure has a one-page summary to guide the installer through the entire installation process. Installer certification results in increased fiber network reliability and, in some cases, increased income for the certified installer. The information in this text enables passing the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification examinations for: CFOT, CFxT, AFOT, CFOS/C, CFOS/T, and CFOS/S. In addition, the information in this text enables passing the certified fiber optic instructor examination (CFOS/I)! This text helps you join the more than 33,000 individuals already certified by the FOA.

This comprehensive and highly useful text has 4 parts, 26 Chapters, 332 pages, 475 figures, 41 tables, and 462 review questions, 27 field procedures, and 33 training procedures. Answers to the review questions are available. A set of PowerPoint slides is available for a fee. This text has had 24 years of development. This text is a valuable reference and an investment that pays back many times its price!

Six words define the benefits of this text: Essentials, Principles, Methods, Procedures, Success, and Certification.

Chapters 1-9 present the essential information the installer needs to be successful. This information includes the concepts, language and numbers with which the installer works. With this information, the installer understands the procedures, recognizes the significance of his actions, and avoids both errors and increased cost.

Chapters 10-13 present the principles on which the installation procedures are based. With an understanding of these principles, the installer follows the procedures easily and is confident that the procedures lead to success. In addition, knowledge of the principles makes learning to work with new products fast and easy.

Chapters 14-20 present the principles and methods for OLTS, ORL, OTDR and dispersion testing; and VFL and microscopic inspection. With these principles and methods, the installer has the ability to verify successful installation.

Chapters 21-25 present the procedures that successful professional installers follow. These procedures are ideal for fieldwork, training, and refreshing the installer's memory. When followed, these procedures result in low loss, low cost, short installation time, and high reliability. Installation organizations may be able to use these written procedures for ISO certification.

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