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FOA Pacific Trip November, 2011

The TUANZ conference on rural broadband in NZ was well attended.

Vodaphone's plan to deliver 5 Mb/s to rural areas in NZ on wireless.

In all our time in NZ, we had a hard time finding cellular antennas. This one was on the roof of the hotel.

Mike Hansen of Chorus talks about his company's plans for FTTH in NZ at the FOA seminar.

Australia had many cellular towers near Sydney.

Around the world, cell phone towers are getting more and more crowded. This is near Sydney.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a thoroughly modern city with thoroughly modern communications.

Technical staff at SigTech, the FOA approved school in Malaysia.

SigTech's demo FTTH system.

And the SigTech personnel who built it.

Brochure for the FOA Seminar in Malaysia

The staff of SigTech and Dr. Suhairi gather for a group photo after the FOA seminar.

From left, Lateef from SigTech in Malaysia, Bee from 100G in Singapore, Amir from SigTech, Jim Hayes, and Isaac from 100G

A visit to MIMOS, the Malaysian government sponsored research institute. Dr Suhairi, just to the left of Jim Hayes, is the President of the FOA of Malaysia.

Malaysia is installing fiber at a rapid pace. Here a tech shows how to "figure 8" a cable for a midspan pull.

Wireless is the way users want to be connected and this tower in Kuala Lumpur may be the busiest we've ever seen!

We visited Telecom Malaysia R&D where we talked about what we saw happening in communications around the world, then we got a tour of their most impressive labs!

Jim and Karen with Dr. Sufian Ibrahim Mousa Mitani, Senior Researcher at TMRND and Amir Rohaizat of SigTech