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This page is an "orientation" for new members to the FOA and a summary for current members looking for information. We want to give you a short summary of the FOA resources that can help you in your career.
We get many questions regarding jobs available in fiber optics and how to find them, so we’ve created a new web page to share some information we've gathered about jobs in our industry. The information is designed to help you understand what jobs are available in fiber optics, how to find them and apply for them.
If you are looking for a job in fiber optics, here is the FOA's Guide to Jobs.

Where Are The Jobs In Fiber Optics?
FOA has created a YouTube video on the wide variety of applications of fiber optics that have become job opportunities for fiber optic techs.

We also run job listings in our monthly online newsletter and on the FOA LinkedIn Group "The Fiber Optic Association Inc."

Mailing List/Newsletter
FOA has an online monthly newsletter that is our "member magazine" and includes technical articles and industry news, links to other interesting online information and announcements of jobs available. You can sign up to get an email notice when the newsletter is published and notices of jobs available. Sign up here.


LinkedIn is the business network used by millions of professionals worldwide. FOA has a LinkeIn group "The Fiber Optic Association Inc." for members that includes technical discussions, news and job opportunities and a "Fiber Optic Training" group devoted to online courses, announcements of training courses and discussions on training. Join LinkedIn if you are not already a member and then join the FOA groups.

Technical References
The FOA Online Reference Guide is the world's largest and most used source of technical information on fiber optics and premises cabling. It's enormous -almost 1000 pages - so big we have our own Google Search just for the Guide. Here is the Table of Contents to the Guide. Scroll down and look at all the topics covered. Bookmark this page for times when you need technical information.

Free Online Training
FOA's "Fiber U" offers free online self study programs in many aspects of fiber optics. If you need a refresher course in fiber or want to know more about topics like FTTx, OLANs, FTTA, DAS, design or testing, Fiber U is the place to go. Many Fiber U courses offer Certificates of Completion for online courses.

Additional Classroom Training
FOA has over 200 schools around the world that offer basic and advanced courses in fiber optics and cabling. They offer a combination of standard and custom courses at their facilities or yours. Here is a listing of FOA approved schools that shows what they offer.

YouTube Videos
FOA has a YouTube channel with over 100 videos that have been viewed over 1million times! There are videos on the FOA, lectures on fiber optics and premises cabling and hands-on videos on how to install fiber and copper cabling. The FOA YouTube channel is "thefoainc". Here is a listing of all the FOA YouTube videos.

Specialist Certifications
FOA offers more certifications that may interest you as you gain experience in fiber optics. We have two first-level certifications in basic fiber optics (CFOT) and premises cabling (CPCT) plus specialist certifications in OSP, splicing, connectors, testing, designing networks and FTTx. You can read more about them here.

What To Do If Your Certification Has Expired
Go here for details.

How Else Can We Help You?

If you have other things you think we can help with, contact us and we'll do our best to help. The best way is to send an email to with an explanation but you can also call 1-760-451-3655.

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