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The FOA Knowledge Base For Fiber Optics & Cabling

Since it began in 1995, the FOA has been developing an extensive knowledge base for fiber optics. Until we began, most information on fiber optics was in the form of academic textbooks, not appropriate for installers and contractors, and application notes from manufacturers on their specific products. The FOA focus was on the practical side of fiber optics, the design, installation and operation of fiber optic communications networks.

By tapping the knowledge of dozens of technical experts worldwide who were working in the field and training other fiber techs, the FOA has created an extensive knowledge base on fiber optics and premises cabling. FOA has published this material online and printed in textbooks. With the advent of YouTube, we created a channel and began uploading instructional videos, now over 100 total, including more than 50 short lectures on fiber optic topics. This knowledge base also allowed FOA to create Fiber U online training which now includes many free online self study courses. And the FOA network of worldwide experts has also worked to create fiber optic curriculum resources which are made available at no cost to appropriate organizations.

The FOA knowledge base is widely used. About 1/2 million users download 4 million pages from the FOA guide every year. The FOA YouTube videos have been viewed 3 million times. And the FOA textbooks are used to train fiber optic techs around the world - even in Spanish and French.

Usage Policy For FOA Copyrighted Materials:

The FOA Online Reference Guide, Textbooks, Videos on YouTube and Fiber U contain much information relevant to fiber optics and communications. The FOA has prepared this information as a technically correct, non-commercial reference guide to fiber optics and cabling for use by everyone in the industry.

All FOA materials, including text and graphics, are copyrighted and subject to legal restrictions on its use.

FOA material may be linked from other websites with no permission required.

The FOA is glad to grant permission on request have the material used for reference, education, etc. on a non-commercial basis as long as the source (FOA) is identified with attribution and no claims are made that FOA endorses the user, their products or services. FOA does not allow the commercial use of its copyrighted material to promote any company or organization.

By non-commercial use with attribution, we mean:

  • Non-commercial use means the material is not reproduced in any fashion (print, electronic files, posted online, etc.) and sold or used in commercial activities which may include marketing or training for payment.
  • The material may be printed or copied in small quantities for non-commercial use in presentations, training handouts or other uses internal to an organization with no permission required as long as the following attribution is included: "Reproduced from the Fiber Optic Association Online Reference Guide.".
Use of the copyrighted FOA material is prohibited for commercial use, for example:
  • Use for any commercial purposes, including in activities which may include marketing, training for payment, reproduction on other websites, advertisements, promotional brochures or in any materials promoting a company or organizations products or services is prohibited without specific permission for that use.
  • Reproduction in other websites or other publications such as magazines, books, newsletters, etc., in print or electronic, is forbidden without specific permission for each individual use.
  • Reproduction in any form that is sold or used in any other commercial manner is forbidden without specific permission for that use.
  • Use of the FOA or Fiber U logo or trademarks without permission is forbidden.
  • Implying FOA endorsement is strictly forbidden.

If you have questions regarding the use of this material, contact the FOA: or 1-760-451-3655

"Fiber U," the FOA and Fiber U logos and "CFOT" are registered trademarks of the FOA.

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