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FOA Middle East Trip May 2012

FOA visited in UAE and Lebanon in May 2012. Jim Hayes and Zenon deSilva of Etisalat Academy pose with a poster for the Dubai seminar.

Etisalat Academy provided a great theater for our seminar and invited many of their customers.

Etisalat has brought FTTH to over 1 million subscribers in UAE making it the second highest FTTH rate in the world. In doing so, they have used some unique components like this special drop cable.

This is a 3M closure for connecting distribution cables to drop cables.

An Etisalat FTTH fiber distribution hub in the Spice Market in Dubai

Our other school in Dubai, eSharp, held two seminars, one in Dubai, where Jim Hayes is speaking.

The attendees of the eSharp seminar in Dubai.

eSharp also held a seminar in Abu Dhabi which was well attended.

ESharp personnel with Jim and Karen, from left, K. Ganesan, Cliff Walker, P.R. Rajendranath, Karen, Jim and Kinneri Nair

In Beirut, the seminar was hosted by the Ministry of Telecommunications

Christine Beylouni of the FTTH Council MENA was our hostess and arranged everything

Gamal Hegazy of Alcatel-Lucent and a board member of the FTTH Council MENA talked about the advantages of FTTH

There was much discussion of local projects during breaks in the seminar.

The audience listens attentively to Jim Hayes.

Beitmisk is a planned community that will include FTTH. George Faddoul and Sleiman Faras Farah show Christine the planned development.

Ogero, the Beirut telco, has plans ready for FTTH as soon as approved by the government.