September, 2006

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Verizon Hiring Fiber Techs in Many California Towns
Verizon is looking for fiber techs in more than a dozen communities in Southern California. Besides fiber skills, they also would like other networking and PC skills, to complete installations. See below for more details. And you can apply online.

Want To Learn More About FTTx?
The FOA has created a special FTTx links page with lots of links to news, market reports, technical articles and vendor technical and product information. Here is a great place to start learning more about FTTx.

Researchers Connect Transistors In IC With Light
We've reported before about researchers trying to make lasers in silicon, since that would allow using light instead of current inside ICs or between ICs, as well as making fiber optic transceivers. Researchers at Intel and the University of California, Santa Barbara announced they've succeeded in building a silicon-based laser that could be easily fabricated using the same processes as those used to make microprocessors. They believe that the light source, which they call a hybrid silicon laser, is the device that will finally allow engineers to integrate photonics inexpensively into computer chips. Rather than making a laser out of silicon, they etched cavities in silicon and bonded indium phosphide lasers into the cavities using a thin "glass glue." The silicon carries the light produced by the lasers. Read more.

New Hampshire College Holds First FOA FTTx Certification Class
Dave Miller, CFOS/I, Professor at New Hampshire Community Technical College at Pease (the ex Air Force Base) recently held the first FOA FTTx certification class and his students became the first FOA CFxT techs. Congratulations to all involved, especially Dave, a dynamic instructor along the lines of "Mr. Wizard" who amazed and amused all his fellow students while attending the first FOA Instructor Certification Course in 2002 with his fabulous classroom demos.
The FOA is providing schools with material for their FTTx curriculum, since the 3rd Edition of The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual contains only a brief mention of FTTx, as it has developed, no exploded, in the last year. The CFxT exam has now been reveiwed by many instructors and vendros and has been tested by Dave Miller's students. The exam passed with flying colors, so we at the FOA consider our CFxT program officially launched.
Watch for more schools offering this program this fall.

FTTH Conference To Be Held In October
The 2006 FTTH Conference & Expo will be held in Las Vegas at The Venetian Resort · Hotel · Casino on October 2 ­ 5, 2006. As usual, the FTTH Council will have many informative technical sessions and a lively trade show.

The 2006 FTTH Conference & Expo will attract over 2,500 FTTH leaders and decision makers from across North America, Europe and Asia to hear keynotes from industry visionaries, learn from over 50 track sessions and meet with 170 exhibitors representing the latest services and technologies.

Hiromichi Shinohara, Director of NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs, will open the conference on October 3rd. Mr. Shinohara has been engaged in research and development of fiber optic cables, broadband networks and optical access systems since joining NTT Laboratories in 1978. The conference lineup of keynotes also include Robert (Bob) Ingalls, President of Verizon,s Retail Markets Group, Jeffrey Weber, Vice President, Product & Strategy, AT&T and featured speaker Jim Carroll, futurist, trends and innovation expert.

Lightwave/KMI Executive Briefing (preconference): The Market Dynamics of FTTX and Video Service Provision
This Executive Briefing will examine the dynamics of today,s FTTX market, particularly as it relates to the provision of video services. The briefing will examine the demand and technical requirements for various video services; explore consumer perceptions of video services, including who provides them and how they are provided; highlight how current and future equipment and architecture choices can affect video service delivery (and vice versa); and provide examples of how carriers have implemented video services via their optical access networks. Speakers will include market researchers and analysts and representatives of the service provider and vendor communities
Don't miss the premier FTTH event of the year. See for more details and online registration.


Special Offers On Equipment, FTTx Background Materials and T-Shirts From Mississauga Training Consultants

FOA T-Shirts: Mediun, Large and Extra Large only. And all are white and 9oz cotton.

400 X microscopes and at a discounted price of 140.00 US while supplies last.

The FTTX text by Mississauga Training is complete and ready for sale. It is about 100 pages with lots of pictures.

VISA and MCard accepted.

If you are looking for an odd item for your show and tel in your class let me know. I probably have it and can help you.
We can give a quantity discount to FOA approved schools

William Graham, CFOS
Mississauga Training Consultants
6117 Clover Ridge Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 7B2
e-mail: <>
Tel: 905-785-8012

FOA Textbook published in Spanish
The FOA's textbook, The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, is used by our approved schools around the world to teach fiber optics.
Now we have our textbook in Spanish, we have also translated our CFOT exams and will have other FOA materials available in Spanish soon, greatly facilitating the training of fiber optic technicians in Spanish-speaking countries.
Contact us if you need more information.
Book Details: Manual Del Technico De Fibra Optica, Published by Thomson Delmar Learning, ISBN 1-4180-6121-2
If you are getting started in fiber optics and Spanish is your native language, you can download an introduction to fiber optics in Spanish here.

NEW-FOA Technical Bulletins
How do you design and manufacture fiber optic systems? Choose and install one to serve your communications needs? Troubleshoot problems? The FOA Fiber Optic technical Bulletins will provide step-by-step guidelines to help you. All are PDF files you can print and use.
Designing and manufacturing fiber optic communications products for manufacturers.
Choosing, installing and using fiber optic producst for users.
Troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants and communcations systems.


Job Openings
Verizon: Fiber Network Field Technician (Outside Field Technician)
Openings in the following California areas:
US-CA-Huntington Beach
US-CA-Rancho Cucamonga
US-CA-Redondo Beach
US-CA-Santa Monica
US-CA-San Bernadino

Take your career to new heights at a company that's a leader in global communications: Verizon. We offer an unparalleled opportunity to advance your career while contributing in an enthusiastic, team-oriented environment.
Primary duties include, but are not limited to:
Install, remove, rearrange, program, test, troubleshoot and maintain fiber network services.
Install and configure routers, set top boxes.  May assist with installation of PC software as needed and ensure proper configuration of the customer's PC.  Interact with the Fiber Solution Center as needed.  May install appropriate inside wire/cable.
Install, maintain and repair outside and inside fiber equipment/facilities including inside wiring and fiber jumpers at the distribution hub.
Interface with customer to negotiate the placement of equipment; may assist with account registration, e-mail, and web access, and training the customer on how to use the new equipment.  Ensure customer satisfaction.  Respond to inquiries and provide follow-up, as necessary.
Interpret schematic work order drawings to determine job specifications and installation needs.  Order and/or obtain required equipment.  Effect problem solving where appropriate.
Utilize various test equipment to analyze equipment trouble and take appropriate maintenance action.
Requires high level of customer contact to ensure customer satisfaction.
Climbing poles and ladders; lifting 75-100 pounds on a regular basis; pushing, reaching, bending and stooping; manual dexterity; good sense of balance; and good color vision.
Must have a current/valid California Drivers License and a clean driving record.
Qualified candidates must pass all company required tests, a pre-employment drug screen and a background check. In addition, candidates will be required to successfully pass a legally required DOJ Criminal Records Check/screening process (fingerprinting).
Candidates must be able to work any shift given, including days, weekends, holidays and overtime as required.
Verizon offers:
Hourly rate for this position is $12.87-28.55.  Wage credit may be granted for related work experience and/or college degree.
Benefits include medical, dental, life insurance, 401(k) with Company match and paid vacation
interested candidates should go to to apply AND schedule themselves for testing.
Thank you for showing an interest in Verizon!
Verizon is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer supporting workforce diversity. m/f/d/v. Principals only! 
National Communications Training Centers (NCTC) is currently looking to hire an evening instructor. The candidate must have 2 plus years experience with HANDS ON fiber installation and be FOA certified. The class hours are 6pm to 10 pm Monday through Thursday for 6 weeks.
National Communications Training Centers (NCTC) is now nationally accredited by ACCSCT as well as graduates receive BICSI credits upon completion of the course.
Please fax (only) a resume to 760-471-0291.
Dan Postoskie
Director of Training
National Communications Training Centers
1324 E. Mission Rd.
San Marcos, CA, 92069
Also Check Recent Job Openings In Previous Issues of The FOA Newsletter


Tech Puzzler
What connector is this? We're going to run a few months of having you try to identify fiber optic connectors, some common, some obscure. Recognize this one? It's still used in some process control and military applications. Why are there two versions?
Answer below

Understanding FOA Certifications
To answer questions on FOA certifications, we've created several new web pages:
Overview of FOA certifications
Training Requirements - What Schools Are Teaching
Reading these will help you understand what each FOA certification covers and how to prepare for them.

New Professional Society for Structured Cabling Recognizes Importance of Fiber Optics (and Wireless)
The new Structured Cabling Association, Inc. ( is a professional society aimed at installers of "structured cabling" or premises cabling. Structured cabling has been focused on so-called "Cat 5" or UTP cabling for years, while network speeds have left UTP behind. Now most backbones for LANs are fiber optics and every network seems to have wireless. The SCA, founded in part by FOA activists Tom Collins and Jim Hayes, intends to make structured cabling training and certification more relevant to today's world.

New: FOA Logo Merchandise
FOA has arranged with EmbroidMe to provide FOA logo merchandies. Identify yourself as a FOA-certified tech or instructor. The lab coats are super impressive for either cabling techs and instructors. Check out the selection.



FOA CFOT Renewals Get Free Copy of NECA/FOA Installation Standard
Every CFOT renewal will now receive a free copy of NECA 301-2004, Installing And Testing Fiber Optic Cables, produced by The FOA in cooperation with NECA (The National Electrical Contractors Association). This is an important reference document for defining the installation and testing of fiber optic cable plants in a "neat and workmanlike manner."
The FOA feels this is such an important document that we are giving a free copy (normally priced at $15) to every active CFOT when they renew their active status.
The FOA has also sent free copies to all FOA-Approved schools. The new FOA CFOT exam to be used after August, 2005, will include questions from the standard. Schools should be including information from the standard in their classes already.


New Tech Topics

FOA Tech Bulletins - for those designing FO communications products or installing cable plants.
How do you design and manufacture fiber optic systems? Choose and install one to serve your communications needs? Troubleshoot problems? The FOA Fiber Optic Technical Bulletins will provide step-by-step guidelines to help you. All are PDF files you can print and use.
Designing and manufacturing fiber optic communications products for manufacturers.
Choosing, installing and using fiber optic products for users.
Troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants and communcations systems.


Does Glass "Flow"? Is it really a liquid?


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on General Topics and Testing

Fiber Or Copper? Making decisions, overview and LANs

What Happens When You Mate Mismatched MM Fibers?

New PowerPoint Presentation Introduces Fiber Optics - in English or Spanish!
The FOA has created a short PowerPoint presentation that introduces you to fiber optics and talks about job opportunities in the field. It was intended for instructors to introdcue studnets to the field, but it's a good introduction for anyone. It's about 3 meg file so it takes a while to download and you need PowerPoint to view it. See

FOA Certification Top Choice

The FOA CFOT and CFOS programs continue to gain momentum in fiber optics. Over 18,000 CFOTs have been certified by over 160 schools as the FOA completed its 10th year. Since our founding in July, 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting fiber optics and professionalism in fiber optics personnel, focusing on education and certification. We are continuing to add new schools and more CFOTs as users of fiber optics learn that a CFOT is the indication of a professional, well-trained fiber optic technician. Now with FTTH (fiber to the home) finally taking off, demand for CFOTs is rising and schools are responding by expanding programs rapidly.
The FOA now has approved programs at 160+ organizations, welcoming new additions like the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Corning Cable Systems and AFL for their installation training programs and NASA's Goldstone Tracking Station. The complete list of FOA-Approved schools is at



Your Name, CFOT - It pays to advertise!

The FOA encourages CFOTs to use the logo on their business cards, letterhead, truck or van, etc. and provides logo files on this site for that purpose. But we are also asked about how to use the CFOT or CFOS certifications. Easy, you can refer to yourself as "Your Name, CFOT" or "Your Name, CFOS/T" for example.

Feel free to use the logo and designations to promote your achievements and professionalism!


Remember To Renew Your Certification !

Remember to renew your FOA certification. All current CFOTs have a ID Card with their certification data and we keep a database of current CFOTs to answer inquiries regarding your qualifications if needed. If you forgot to renew, use the online application form or the FOA online store to renew NOW!



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MU looks a miniature SC with a 1.25 mm ferrule. It's more popular in Japan.
See the FOA Tech Topics Connector ID page.