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FOA has an online database of corporate members intended to be a worldwide guide to fiber optic companies. Here is the database in table and map form.

The FOA offers corporate membership to companies involved in the fiber optic industry such as manufacturers, contractors, installers, consultants, etc. The FOA evaluates applicants based on their involvement in the fiber optic industry and membership is subject to review by The FOA Corporate Member Advisory Committee.*

What are the benefits of FOA corporate membership?

The FOA can assist you with employee training including:
  • Encouraging Corporate members to contact FOA Approved Schools to offer fiber optic training and FOA certifications to their employees
  • The FOA can assist you with employee training including special education and presentation materials. Contact the FOA for details
  • As part of your FOA Corporate membership, your experienced employees can participate in the FOA’s “Work To Cert” Program, which is designed for fiber techs with the appropriate field experience to prepare for taking FOA certification exams online.
  • Corporate members can use Fiber U which offers free online training and, for employees of corporate members, free FOA Certificate of Completion for each Fiber U course.

As a corporate member, you get a 25% discount on FOA certification renewals of your employees.

Corporate members may advertise their FOA membership by adding "FOA Corporate Member" and the FOA
Corporate Member Logo on their literature, website, vehicles, etc. We will provide a “FOA Corporate Member”
logo (see above) to be used by the corporate member on literature, websites, etc. under the FOA guidelines.

Corporate members should join the FOA network on LinkedIn and other social media where the FOA publishes job and contracting opportunities and technical discussions are ongoing.

Corporate members may purchase FOA textbooks in bulk at a discount (typically 40%). Contact the FOA for details.

Corporate members have a voice in industry standards through FOA participation.

Finally, we are always interested in having access to the expertise that our Corporate members bring to the FOA - we can learn as much from you as you can learn from us! 

Membership Fee: $100US
One time fee for listing - corporate members will be asked to renew their membership data every few years and update contact information, at no charge.

Online application form

* The FOA reserves the right to deny membership to any organization that does not meet our criteria for membership.  Companies whose primary business is training are not eligible for corporate membership. They must apply for FOA school approval.

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