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The FOA Fiber U Affiliate program is for non-commercial schools which wish to offer training in fiber optics or premises cabling without offering certifications. Typically this involves technical high schools or colleges offering telecom or IT programs where the school would like to have a curriculum module on cabling infrastructure which is usually missing from these subjects. It may also be appropriate for job retraining programs.

The difference between the Fiber U School Affiliate program and an FOA Approved School is that Affiliates will be teaching a program that does not meet FOA standards for certification classes and therefore cannot offer certifications to their students. Instead those who teach the complete program may offer an Fiber U “Certificate of Completion” to students that complete a course you are offering. Affiliate members may also be able to offer direct CFOT and CPCT certifications to their instructors if they have appropriate experience.

FOA affiliates have access to special FOA curriculum materials and of course can use the free materials on Fiber U, the FOA Online Guide and YouTube. Schools that wish to use the printed textbooks may buy them directly from the publisher at a discount.
Affiliates may join the FOA member network on LinkedIn.  You can also advertise your FOA affiliation – we provide special logos.  

Schools must use the online application to apply.

* Schools or companies whose primary business is training are not eligible for affiliate membership. They must apply for FOA school approval.

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