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All FOA Certification Renewals Are For 3 Years And Cost $100US

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Online renewal is available for those with FOA certifications (CFOTs, CPCTs and CFOSs) who qualify. You should review FOA renewal policy, terms and conditions or contact the FOA by email ( if you have questions.

Note: By continuing to make a renewal payment online, you attest to having met the FOA requirements for certification renewal.

 I verify that I am currently active in the fiber optic/cabling profession. (If not, contact the FOA at for further instructions)

I confirm that that I have reviewed  the FOA requirement for continuing education for the certifications being renewed which will be required for you next renewal.  Note: at the current time the continuing education requirement is voluntary.  At the next renewal cycle in 3 years, the requirement will be mandatory.

I confirm that I have reviewed the FOA Certification Holders Agreement  and agree to follow these guidelines:

FOA Certification Holders Agreement
All FOA Certification Holders must agree to the following:
  • Provide accurate and truthful information regarding education, experience, qualifications, and the performance of services.
  • Keep confidential all FOA examination information; including preventing unauthorized disclosures of exam information.
  • Properly use FOA credential - Do not use your FOA certifications in a misleading manner.
  • Do not use FOA certifications in a manner as to bring the FOA into disrepute and do not make any statements regarding FOA certifications which the FOA considers misleading or unauthorized.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest and avoid conduct that could cause a conflict of interest.
  • Agree to inform the FOA of any matters that will affect my capability to fulfill my certification requirements.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines shall constitute grounds for denial or revocation of certification.

By continuing to the payment page linked below, I certify that the information I have provided on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any certification granted by The FOA does not consititute licensure to practice or provide services when required by any relevant law. I understand The FOA certification does not in any way imply that The FOA assumes responsibility or liability for my actions, and I hereby indemnify The FOA from any liability resulting from my actions.

Note: You must know your FOA Certification Number and Expiration Date to renew online. Many people refer to their FOA Certification Number as their "CFOT number" because they received their CFOT first. If you need assistance, email the FOA at

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By continuing to make a renewal payment online, I attest to having met the FOA requirements for certification renewal.
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