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Technical Information on FTTX  From The FOA Online Reference Guide
FTTH Architectures, FTTH in MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Units) 
FTTH PON Protocols 
FTTH Installation 
FTTH Customer Premises Installation 
Testing FTTH Networks      
FTTx Online Tutorial
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Training & Certification
Fiber U FTTx Online Self-Study Course (free) 
FOA Certification Overview
FOA FTTx Certification Requirements

FOA-Approved Training Programs

The FOA FTTx Tutorial: FTTx Online Tutorial

Building Homes For Broadband/FTTx Connections (FOA Presentation to Homebuilders)
Reference Books:
FOA Online Guide FTTx Section  
FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics, Appendix B
"FTTH Primer" by Steven S. Ross of Broadband Properties for the FTTH Council (PDF download)
"FTTx PON Technology and Testing" by Andre Girard, EXFO
EXFO Application Note 110,
"The Book on FTTX" edited by Steve Grady, ADC Telecommunications
"FTTX Concepts and Applications" by Gerd Keiser, Wiley Interscience
"Fiber To The Home, The New Empowerment" by Paul E. Green, Wiley Interscience

Dan Bricklin, co-inventor of the PC spreadsheet, has FiOS installed at his home:
Broadband Properties Magazine, covering FTTx extensively:

The Fiber To The Home Council:


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