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Lesson Plan: Introduction To Fiber Optics

Lesson 4. Hands-On Cable LaboratoryLevel: Technician

Lesson 4. Hands-On Cable Laboratory

Objectives: Laboratory session to learn how fiber optic cables are installed and prepared for splicing and termination.

Student Assignment: Read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension), Complete the lab exercises.

Reference Slides: Cables PPT (Starter Kit - Advanced)

Online FOA References:
Introduction To Cables
Cable slide tutorial
Cable Prep VHO
Cable prep VIDEOS

Book Chapters:
The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual: 15 
Data, Voice and Video Cabling Installation: 12, 15
Student Manual, Cable Handling Section

Tools: Fiber Optic Toolbox, cable preparation tools

Students should learn how to install fiber optic cable properly and prepare it for termination or splicing using the tools, actual cables and perhaps even a cable pulling rig built in the classroom. See the cable videos for how it can be done. Learn the proper attachment of pulling eyes to the fiber strength member and how to pull cables without damage. Examine the construction of several cable types, from indoor zipcord to outside plant armored cable, how each should be stripped and prepared for termination or splicing.

Extra Credit Reading
FOA Technical Bulletin, Installing Fiber Optic Cable Plants (PDF)
Installing Cable, General Guidelines
Installing a Swivel Pulling Eye on Cable
How to "Figure 8" Cable for Intermediate Pulls



Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

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