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Lesson Plan: Introduction To Fiber Optics

Lesson 3. Fiber Optic CablesLevel: Technician

Lesson 3. Fiber Optic Cables

Learn about fiber optic cable types & specifications, choosing a cable appropriate for the application, handling cables, pulling.

Student Assignment: Read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension)

Presentation Slides: 49-58

Online FOA References:
Introduction To Cables
Cable slide tutorial

Cable Prep VHO
Cable prep VIDEOS

Book Chapters:
Data, Voice and Video Cabling Installation: 12
The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual: 4, 5, 9, 15
    Cables provide protection for the fibers against the expected environment. There are numerous designs and types of cables from many manufacturers, so the best way to learn this section is to cover as many types and applications as possible.     It's important to look at both premises (building) and outside plant cable designs. Cost issues always loom large in the customer viewpoint, so tradeoffs in pricing are important to cover too.
    Within the cable section, it's time to cover conduit, innerduct and pulling lubricants. The mechanics of outside plant pulling, including pulling from the middle, figure eights, etc. are covered here.
    Cabling hands-on should include identifying various cable types (tight buffer, loose tube, ribbon, armored, etc.)  It is necessary to show how cables should be prepared for pulling and how strength members, pulling eyes or packet puller should be attached and used safely. Stripping jackets, exposing fibers, cleaning and preparing fibers for termination or splicing should all be covered in the lab following the classroom lesson.
    If possible, a setup involving several types of conduits, innerduct and trays should be built at  training centers to allow students to actually pull fiber to gain experience on how it's really done.
    While it's optional here or in the termination or hardware section, the use of breakout kits should be demonstrated.
    If this course typically runs less than four hours, the instructor can show videos during the classroom session instead of during the hands-on session.

Extra Credit Reading

Multimode cable plant nomenclature
Singlemode fiber nomenclature
Cable jacket color codes
FOA Technical Bulletin, Installing Fiber Optic Cable Plants (PDF)


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