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Lesson Plan: Introduction To Fiber Optics

Lesson 2. Fiber Optic ApplicationsLevel: Technician

Lesson 2.  Fiber Optic Applications

 Understanding how fiber optics is used in telecom, datacom and CATV networks, CCTV, security, process control, etc. It is important to understand that  communications technologies that use fiber optics often have different implementations. 

Student Assignment: Read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension)

Presentation Slides:25-49

Basic applications and transmission systems
Fiber Optic Datalinks
Premises Networks, LANs

FTTx Tutorial

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Book Chapters:
The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual: 3, 7
Data, Voice and Video Cabling:11

Here is where we review all the applications of fiber optics that the students are likely to see, such as telecos, CATV, building and campus LANs, security systems. We like to introduce them to the network characteristics and "buzz words" they may be exposed to. All fiber optic communications systems use "data links" of some type, so the link above will familiarize you with what they are and how they work. Other links refer to specific applications.

Non Communications Applications
Fiber optics is also used in other, non communications applications like lighting, sensors and inspection (both medical and non-destructive testing.) In our extra credit links, we offer information on some of those applications.

Extra Credit Reading
Fiber Optic Lighting

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