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Lesson Plan: Introduction To Fiber Optics

Lesson 10. Final Review, CFOT ExamLevel: Technician

Lesson 10. Final Review, CFOT Exam

Objectives: To review the material covered during the course, answer questions and take the CFOT certification exam


Online FOA References:
Understanding Fiber Optics, The Basics

Book Chapters:
The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual: All

Data, Voice and Video Cabling Installation: All

Upon completion of this 10 lesson program, students should have an adequate understanding of fiber optics to successfully complete the FOA CFOT exam. Everyone should have read all the assigned materials and completed all the quizzes (on web pages or at the end of book chapters)

The final session is a good time to review topics like these:

The basics of fiber optics
Differences in premises and outside plant applications
Where which types of fiber optic components are generally used (e.g. premises and OSP)
Some important points on installation (always pull cable by its strength members, do not place fiber cables under other cables on cable trays , terminate MM directly, splice pigtails on SM, etc.)
What testing is required

At this point, classroom students can be given the CFOT exam. Those applying directly to the FOA can take it online or on paper with a proctor.


Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

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